Why you need a Digital Agency Adclick Africa

Why you need a digital marketing agency in 2021

Companies worldwide have either cut their marketing budgets or shifted their traditional advertising spends toward a digital approach. Forbes.com cites “The last six months alone have produced more digital transformation than the last decade”.

This all sounds great in theory, but the question to ask is whether you have the skillset, time or platforms to execute your digital marketing campaigns and get a return on investment (ROI). If your answer is no, it’s time to partner with a digital marketing agency.

Here are four reasons why you should

1. Reduce costs through buying power

If you partner with the right digital marketing agency, they will be able to negotiate better rates for your campaigns due to their buying power. Agencies leverage off their clients’ high volumes with their trusted vendors, reducing the cost of your paid media campaigns. Adclick Africa runs efficient paid media campaigns to ensure you get a return on investment.

2. Expertise

To run a successful digital marketing campaign, whether it’s paid media, consistent and engaging social media posts, getting found on Google searches (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC), you need an expert with the right skillset to truly see any ROI.

3. Time-Saving

Getting to know each platform and crafting a strategy for each approach is time-consuming. Not to mention developing the creatives, video content and setting up and monitoring each campaign. Speed and execution are vital in the digital marketing space and this year it’s essential for any business to remain competitive and found by your consumers. By partnering with a performance marketing agency, you can focus on business while they conceptualise, create and run your campaigns efficiently and meet your business objectives.

4. Tracking and Reporting

Digital marketing allows us to analyse and track each action we put out in the marketplace. Once you have outlined your targets and measurable outputs, you can carefully monitor metrics such as traffic, engagement and conversions. An expert could further unpack your results down to the cost per lead or acquisition.

If you are not yet convinced that digital marketing is the way to invest in 2021, download our complimentary digital marketing trends 2021 guide. It will show you just how much opportunity your business is missing out on and how digital marketing is the future!

What to look for when partnering with a digital marketing agency

Now that you have seen why you should enlist the help of a professional for your digital marketing needs, here are a few pointers to look for in an agency:

A track record

Select a partner who has a client base. Ask to view their case studies to determine whether they understand your business and the digital landscape. This will help assess their reliability as a partner and ability to adapt strategies to suit your industry.

Proven results

You need an agency to produce results. Again refer to their case studies to view the success rate of the campaigns they ran or websites built. Look at the conversion rates, cost per acquisition, goals and metrics in line with your KPI’s

An experienced team

Don’t waste your budgets if the agency doesn’t have the right expertise to align with your digital marketing objectives. If you need a world-class designer or video creator, ensure they have a member on their team who specialises in video creation.

Which Agency Should You Choose in 2021?

Adclick Africa has grown businesses of all sizes using our digital performance marketing expertise, unique methods, and tools which drive lead generation and conversions by engaging target audiences and converting clicks to customers. Contact our experts today!