why you need an seo audit

What is an SEO audit and why your business needs one


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to get your business website found and ranked on various search engine platforms (like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like). An SEO audit is a report to see how optimized your website is currently, which areas it’s lacking and where your strengths lie from a digital perspective.


Here are our top 5 reasons why your business needs an SEO audit:


1. Focus on your SEO strategy: Identifying your SEO shortfalls can correct and strengthen your online strategy, and optimize your website. Remember SEO is not a once-off strategy. We live in a world that is always evolving. Because algorithms change daily you need to audit your website to help optimise your approach.


2. Gain that competitive edge: Easily see what keywords your competitors are using, refine your approach and improve on your backlinks. You can outrank your competitors and appear first on any search page.


3. Improved organic search: Did you know, the #1 result in Google gets 31.7% of all clicks. That should be reason enough to work on your SEO and ensure your business is searchable. The aim is to rank as highly as you can, organically, across popular search engines.


4. Eliminate errors from your website: Nobody enjoys 404 error pages, old links or grammatical and spelling errors on a webpage. These errors no0t only deter your customer, but Google picks them up too. From large system errors to the smallest inconsistencies, ensure your audit covers it.


5. Business growth and lead generation: According to statistics, SEO can drive an average of 14.6% conversion rate. When comparing it to other traditional forms of only 1.7% conversion, SEO is well worth the investment. SMA Marketing reports that inbound leads, such as SEO, cost 61% less than outbound leads, such as direct mail or cold calling.


If your website isn’t driving conversions, being found on search engines or experiencing high bounce rates, it’s time to have an SEO Audit. In fact, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority” HubSpot State of Inbound. If this is the case, your SEO audit should be the first step toward your digital strategy.


Get more traffic and more leads to your business by conducting our free SEO Audit. And if you need any help deciphering your SEO report or implementing the recommendations, call an Adclick Africa expert today!