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SME South Africa online

SME (Small Medium Enterprises) South Africa is an online SME news site. The portal is dedicated solely to SMEs and covers news, updates and developments that are relevant to SME’s.

About the SME

It is an online news portal featuring SME news in South Africa as well as in the region and globally. The website is dedicated solely to SMEs; it covers news, updates, and developments that are relevant to SMEs.

The portal targets a vast audience of different races, gender, age groups, regions and LSMs. The website traffic has over a million page impressions and has 20 000 visits per month (source: Google Analytics).

The portal has SME-focused topics and sub-topics such us:

  • Articles: Business Focused, Entrepreneur Watch and Business Advice business events and seminars, research articles, innovation, and general business news.
  • Startups: Marketing, Technology, Finance and Tax and Law

The main purpose of this online newspaper

It’s a user-friendly, active, informative and resourceful site. The purpose of this portal is to serve as a library source for all small and medium businesses. To enable them to access information form the site that will empower them and enrich their knowledge about running their businesses. Also equip them with skills and information about how to tackle challenges they might come across.

Features of the SME South Africa news portal

  • News, happenings, events and activities in South Africa;
  • SME ventures and breakthroughs;
  • Government initiatives/incentives for SMEs;
  • Products and services from corporate companies that apply to specifically to SMEs;
  • In-depth interviews and coverage of successful SMEs in South Africa;
  • SMEs and Finance;
  • SMEs and ICT;
  • Import and Export tools & services;
  • Legislation and SME Tax matters;
  • News on SME activities around the region and globally; and Pullouts geared towards timely issues

This news portal is a great platform for upcoming entrepreneurs as it will be a growth platform for them. It is a survival pack, a resource centre for information and it’s a matter of accessing this information. The information on the site is product of great research and it’s taken from accredited sources.

The revamped website has been launched and is now up and running. Visit for more information.