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Is it Time to Update your Website?

According to statistics, “As of January 2, 2021, there were 4,783,503,852 (4.7+ billion) internet users spanning the globe.” And Africa has the 3rd highest percentage of internet users. With so many potential customers online, you need to constantly be assessing if it is time to update your website. 

Any digital customer is looking for a great online experience, no matter what product or service you have to offer. Things like loading speeds, disarrayed sites, irrelevant content and non-existent customer journeys all affect their decision to purchase. If you want your website to serve its purposes of pushing your sales through the funnel, be found on Google searches and correctly portray your brand, it may be time to update your website.


Six reasons that indicate it’s time to relook your website


1. Drop in traffic

There can be several reasons for seeing a drop in your search or visitor traffic. From your organic search rankings to Algorithmic Updates or possibly not driving enough traffic through your marketing activities. Review your last 6 months of Google analytics and run an SEO audit.

2. High bounce rate

If you are driving traffic to your website and your bounce rate is high, it’s either your ads aren’t matching the content or product or the content is irrelevant to your audience. Either way, review all your copy and ensure it is valuable to your audience. It may be time for a redesign if your website visitors are bouncing off your homepage.

3. No conversions on your pages

If your visits to the site are up and people are browsing around but not converting or enquiring, it could be small edits need to be made to enhance your website. Conduct an audit through your analytics or using your UX heatmaps to assess where you are losing your potential customers interest. It could be a simple placement of a call-to-action or more complex challenges.

4. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

The first place to check is Google Analytics to see how many of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. If it is in the double digits then you need to ensure your website is responsive to mobiles. Another reason to ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices is Google search favours websites that look good on smartphones and other mobile devices. If you want to be found, contact one of our experts at Adclick Africa.

5. Slow loading times 

Experts say, “40% of users will leave your website if it loads for longer than three seconds”. Large images, videos or even your web host can cause even slower loading rates. If you are looking to redesign your web pages, view it through a mobile device first to check your loading speeds.

6. Good old fashioned rebrand refresh time

Perhaps it’s just time to re-attract your audience by catching their eye with a fresh new design. Just as many famous brands often redesign their labels to attract new customers, so should you adapt your brand and website to remain relevant and stand out amongst competitors.


If your business website is currently experiencing any of the above challenges, contact Adclick Africa for a world-class website upgrade or haul. We will ensure it’s optimized and becomes your best advert yet!