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How To Use WiFi Advertising To Grow Revenue

What is WiFi Advertising? WiFi Advertising involves communicating a marketing message or advertising content directly to potential customers or users when they connect or interact with your WiFi network. We live in a world where everyone is connected to the internet, whether it be via email, smart devices, websites, apps or social networking.

With 69.1% of mobile traffic, Africa has the highest mobile internet access penetration of all continents. It is a good indication of how the African market is primed for WiFi advertising considering the likelihood of consumers needing to access free WiFi hotspots and networks through mobile smart devices.

According to Go Zone WiFi, WiFi advertising allows you to present engaged internet audiences with content, promotions and other branding messages. WiFi advertising can in turn cover the costs involved with supporting all the free WiFi you provide to customers and consumers.

How Does WiFi Advertising Work?

As a business establishment, you will provide free Wi-Fi to customers and in exchange, you show them ads. Customers will open their phone or device and look for a free hotspot.​ Once they have clicked on it, they will see a form-based pop-up or landing page which allows the customer to sign up in order to log in to the wifi network. In exchange for user data, the customer is given free WiFi access. Once connected customers will be served with ads​ that redirect to a website, social media platform, product or even an app download where a possible lead conversion may take place.​

Do people still want free WiFi?

In 2020 Google backed out of a free public WiFi initiative in South Africa known as Google Station, possibly in response to the growing pandemic. However, this left a gap in the market for free WiFi services from other local service providers and initiatives. Most consumers still look to free WiFi to help keep the cost of using mobile data low. Regardless of the progress made by the telecommunications industry in South Africa, consumers still face high data costs, hence, stable and free WiFi is one of the most sought-after services people look for, especially for small business entrepreneurs or consumers looking for remote working spaces.

Strategically, there is no better time than the present to take advantage of WiFi advertising. With people returning to the office more remotely, and given the frequent loadshedding we experience in South Africa, many consumers and business people are flooding malls and restaurants to find alternative sources of power with the added benefit of free WiFi services.

How To Use WiFi Advertising To Grow Your Revenue

WiFi advertising is best used for reaching mass market consumers, and fortunately for businesses, WiFi advertising provides an affordable opportunity to do just that. Network providers are able to immerse hotspots within train stations, bus stops, taxis, car washes, churches, community centres and schools to the benefit of the communities around them.
Here are two WiFi advertising methods you can use to grow your revenue:

WiFi Consumer Surveys

Utilise consumer surveys to get to know your target market better. You can send out different surveys through WiFi advertising. Any information gathered can help with decision-making and show existing customers that you are interested in catering to their needs. You can also send out customer satisfaction surveys to improve your business and ensure customer retention.

WiFi Lead Generation

Public WiFi is the quickest way to generate hundreds of contacts and increase brand awareness. Places like shopping malls, airports, hospitals, restaurants and even events have foot traffic of thousands of people, and the more visitors the location gets, the faster you will obtain leads through WiFi lead generation. You can even use lead generation to increase traffic to your website and obtain inbound leads.

WiFi Customer Rewards

Businesses can use this WiFi advertising feature to incentivise customers. Users will be prompted to opt-in and receive a coupon or reward, which will then be sent via text message. This is one way to collect user numbers which can be used in future through targeted SMS ads.

Where can Businesses Find WiFi Advertising Services?

Do you want to know more about WiFi advertising for your business? Contact Adclick Africa, we are a certified Google partner and a performance marketing agency with an excellent track record in the media buying space. Let our team of experts help your business formulate a succinct and effective WiFi advertising strategy for your next advertising campaign.