Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Advertising?

How to Use Digital-Out-Of-Home Effectively

In our previous article,  What is Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)? we cover what DOOH is and the benefits for your organisation. Now, we delve into the finer details to learn how to use Digital-Out-of-Home innovatively to amplify your marketing efforts and the most effective way to use it.

Creative executions

To best describe the limitless capabilities of the creative executions possible with DOOH, let’s look at a few big retail brand examples.

Fashion Retailer

With DOOH, you could have an advert showing your hottest summer trend. As the weather changes to cold during the day, the advert will automatically adjust to showcase your upcoming winter options.

Vehicle manufacturer or outlet

Your outdoor ad can adjust from a scene of a vehicle driving in the sunshine, to switching on the car headlights as it turns to dusk.


Display your adverts on various campuses throughout South Africa and serve adverts aimed at students and their parents.

All of the above examples are executed using a LOOP Roadside Network. It is high impact screens that can overlay dynamic content plugging into API’s which change the creatives depending on the changes to the environments around the billboards. With weather adjusting adverts and a broader way of reaching your consumer, DOOH can be the competitive edge you need to cut through the advertising noise.  

The data behind your DOOH is anonymized and GDPR compliant. And all your Digital-Out-Of-Home adverts are 100% viewable, unskippable, ad-block and fraud-free. Improving your viewability and visibility to the audience.


Here are a few ways to create some synergy across your digital and DOOH efforts:

  • Increase online performance: Brand awareness can complement and amplify the efforts of your digital campaigns. You can even A/B test creatives and content depending on the performance of your online campaigns in isolation versus when supported by DOOH in a specific region(s).
  • Intelligent Location Buying: Use the data and insights you gather from your online campaigns to identify IP addresses, latitudes and longitudes from mobile interactions to pinpoint locations where you currently receive the best click-through rates/sales and use these when booking your DOOH locations. Again, just echoing all the messaging to create a holistic campaign.
  • New Customer Journey Insights: With the advancement of people-based ad tech, marketers can tie a formally traditional advertising medium, into the consumer ad journey to better understand cross channel campaigns and return on ad spend associated with Digital-Out-Of-Home.

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