digital revolution post-covid

Get Ready for the Digital Revolution post-COVID

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on organisations throughout South Africa. 2021 Marketers continue to face the on-going challenge of tight marketing budgets and somewhat costly technology implementations. The positive side is we, as marketers are learning to be more agile and innovative in our approach to the digital revolution. Adclick Africa has compiled a few tips to get ready for the digital revolution post-COVID.

Embracing digital technologies

Wherever your business is in the education sector, retail, professional services, travel or tech, your world has changed. The pandemic has highlighted the need for digital solutions and we as a country have shifted into a digital revolution rapidly. Your CRM systems should integrate with your website, social media and lead generation platforms to automate your marketing efforts.

If you haven’t shifted your marketing efforts online to reach your consumers, students, employees and B2B clients, you are setting yourself up for failure.

According to a recent survey by and Kepios:

  • “3.96 Billion people were using social media in July 2020, that’s roughly 51% of the Earths’ population;
  • Nearly 60% of the world’s population now uses the internet;
  • And two-thirds of us already have a mobile phone.
  • Internet user numbers have grown at an annualised rate of more than 8%, resulting in 346 million people coming online for the first time in the last year.
  • Social media adoption has increased by more than 10%, with 376 million people starting to use social media since this time last year.”

Increasing social media engagement and online communities

If your business hasn’t already created social media accounts, now is the time. You can read why your business needs a social media presence here.

Social media is a cost-effective way to:

  • Increase your reach by posting consistently across multiple relevant social media platforms to reach and appeal to a larger online audience
  • Build brand awareness in a digital space
  • Convert your customers with pre-generated lead forms when running paid media campaigns
  • Drive traffic to your website using insightful blogs and improve your SEO rankings on Google at the same time

Reviewing your organic search and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You don’t need a large digital marketing budget to optimise your website content to be found on Google searches. Although it can be time-consuming, small changes can be made to your online content like adding relevant keywords to your titles, headings, and body copy. Listing your business on online directories and building your backlinks.

If you want to take it a step further, maximise your efforts by opening a My Google Business profile and ramp up your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Creating valuable content marketing strategies

In a time where the majority of your audience is now online, you need to consider your customer journeys at every digital touchpoint. Carefully map out all the avenues in which your customer communicates with you and develop content to guide them through your sales funnel.

Content marketing is a great tactic to showcase your expertise as a thought leader and provide helpful, valuable advice to your audience. Plus, it all helps your SEO strategies and drives that traffic to your website.

Use your social media channels to assess what your customers biggest challenges are and develop articles around solving their problem. If writing isn’t your expertise or you aren’t sure where to start, contact Adclick Africa.

Catching your customers eye with data-rich video, animation and infographics

While you are working furiously on adjusting your digital marketing strategies, keep in mind that you need to differentiate yourself in the noise to remain ahead of competitors.

Interesting creatives, engaging video content and short animations can be an effective way to ensure your brand tone and personality are appealing and eye-catching. They are great drivers for referral traffic to your website too.

With Gartner predicting that “by 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences.” Your organisation needs to quickly adapt to the digital revolution post-COVID.