Data Free Apps offer Mass-Market Engagement

Data-Free Apps Deliver Mass-Market Engagement

Since 2016 South Africans have been vocal about the high cost of digital communication. This resulted in the #DataMustFall movement which has since received widespread media attention and support. So much so that in 2019 the Competition Commission ruled that data prices have to be slashed by up to 50% and that a limited amount of free data should be available for all South Africans. However, the rising cost of living has not helped. With almost 80% of the South African population being mobile internet users, the limited access to free internet and data is not enough to ease the burden on mass-market consumers.

If mobile operators can only provide “limited” free data, what is the solution?

Introducing Data-Free Apps

Although the South African consumer isn’t new to data-free apps, we haven’t seen a true #datafree solution since 2019 with the last release of the Goal Zero app which was made exclusively for South Africa and Nigeria.

This shows there has been a significant gap in the market for some time and we are only now seeing this trend re-emerging with a few key industry players.

With approximately 48 million mobile internet users in South Africa (almost 80% of the total population) and an unemployment rate of almost 35%, data-free apps solve the problem of reaching South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa’s mass-market digital consumers without the cost of data standing in the way.

What does Data-Free really mean?

When we talk about data-free we are referring to apps where users can access digital services without any data costs. Effectively, they can still engage in chats, games, betting and even web browsing with a zero-data balance on their mobile phone account.

But is the data really free? Who is paying if not the consumer?

The #datafree concept uses a telecommunication reverse-billing method where selected websites and applications become reverse-billed to the IP address hosting the platform. Essentially, the website or app owner is paying for the data being used by its users.

This is a common feature usually seen with South African banking websites and apps but is slowly being used to reach mass-market consumers as well.

How Data-Free apps deliver mass-market engagement?

The cost of data is a consistent barrier to digital engagement in South Africa.

Data-free apps allow you to reach a mobile audience that is not easily accessible on other platforms. Giving marketers an opportunity to pay to reach the lower-income market consumers online.

With that in mind, data-free apps are not just helping marketers to reach the eyeballs of low-income consumers but are enabling advertisers to profile the mass-market audiences and reach them at scale with targeted ads.

Data-Free Apps in South Africa

Moya App is one of the best examples of an all-out data-free experience. It is an audience super-app that combines WhatsApp with enterprise digital services to create an engaging digital marketplace.

Moya App began as an instant messaging service and has expanded to offer a host of functionality. With access to over 300 content services, including news, entertainment, live sports results, education, weather, jobs, health info, products and services; Moya App is the ultimate #datafree experience for mass-market consumers.

Other data-free app examples in South Africa include Veedo and Betway with more data-free solutions on the horizon.

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