5 Video Marketing Tips

5 Video Marketing Tips

According to YouTube, we have seen up to a 600% increase in online video viewing through the pandemic. With videos on landing pages increasing conversion by 80%, you already know you need to start creating engaging, authentic video marketing content to capture your audience.

Here are our creative experts’ 5 video marketing tips:

1. Tell a story

We live in a world where humans are seeking connection. Gone are the days of creating sales-driven content. Consumers want to connect with your brand before making their purchase. Rather than focusing on a hard-sell and listing the benefits of your service or product, try to capture your audience’s attention through storytelling, showing how people have benefited from your service/ product, or put your employees in the spotlight and use them as your “actors”. Let your video marketing be one part of a holistic campaign to ensure your brand message is echoed throughout.


2. Keep it short and punchy

Wistia.com studies show “Two minutes is the sweet spot. After that, the drop-off in engagement is significant.” Keep your video’s short, punchy and to the point. Particularly if you are using video marketing to a Gen Z audience, whose average attention span is a short 8 seconds. Cover the questions “Why? and What’s in it for me?” as quickly and concisely as you can. 


3. Optimise Your Video for SEO – Tag it 

Whatever content you load onto your website or social media platform, always remember to maximise your searchability through SEO. By tagging your video correctly with relevant keywords and using descriptions, embedding it onto your website and then sharing it to YouTube etc, you can derive the maximum SEO value. This allows Google to search spiders (algorithms) to crawl your pages and find your video marketing content. Each social media platform has its own set of algorithms, so expand your SEO knowledge and apply it for each channel. Contact an expert to show you how.

4. Real-time shopping

We have already seen Instagram and Facebook enter the video market through real-time shoppable posts and stories. And rumour has it we can expect Linkedin to tap into this trend in 2021 with LinkedInLIVE and Linkedin Stories! Convert your customers instantly from your social media platform using these features and watch your sales sky-rocket. 

5. Use micro-influencers for creation of authentic video content

Consumers are slowly losing trust in larger influencers. Adjust your strategy and budget and look for a few micro-influencers. They may have a smaller following, but their base is usually more engaged and will trust the influencer and content. Rachtalksbusiness.com says “Micro-influencers are likely to put more effort into a post advertising your product or service than a larger influencer.” 


The digital world is always evolving and it may seem hard to stay on top of all the algorithms and trends. If you don’t have the time to take advantage of our 5 video marketing tips, or a team to create your storyboard and bring your creation to life, contact Adclick Africa. Our designers are experts at understanding brands and apply multi-disciplinary design principles to digital concepts to execute your video marketing. They are ready to explore new and exciting rich media formats and design trends with your business.