Adclick 5 Reasons to shift from traditional to digital marketing

5 Reasons to shift from traditional to digital marketing

We thought we were amidst a technology revolution before the pandemic hit. The world was already shifting toward an evolved digital space but now it has been amplified.

According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, “their companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and internal operations by three to four years.”

Here are our top 5 reasons for you to shift from traditional to digital marketing

1. Your consumers are online

We are all tired of hearing about COVID and the impact it has had on businesses and the economy. However, it has sped up the adoption of technology from a consumer perspective. Statistics in 2020 show that “1.66 billion people are shopping online annually, while 78% of internet users are specifically researching products online prior to purchase”. To remain relevant in 2021, you need to consider your online customer journey and ensure your organisation and products can be discovered across all digital channels.


2. Take your creativity to the next level

An exciting aspect of a digital approach is the level of creativity it enables. Marketers can promote businesses using gifs or video formats. Giving them the ability to catch the eye of the consumer and engagingly convey their brand message.

Not only that, Digital-Out-Of-Home has taken it to the next level. Their digital marketing billboard formats automatically serve a different picture according to the weather. For example, a clothing brand advertises a summer outfit perfect for that sunny day. When the weather turns overcast, your advert automatically serves an image of an ideal winter or rainy-day outfit.


3. Easier to reach broader audiences

Adopting a mass-market approach has never been more cost-effective or easier for larger organisations. Leveraging off technologies such as data-free/ free wifi networks you can strategically display your digital marketing campaigns in key locations like hospitals, universities and colleges, schools, the FNB stadium, casinos, hotels, selected shopping malls, spaza shops and the like. It provides for in-browser advertising, pre-surf advertising, surveys, coupons and giveaway campaigns. Adclick Africa has a network of partners you can leverage off to unlock these networks.

Data-free apps such as the Moya App to reach audiences without them having to pay for data. The app boasts features such as 2,700,000 Daily Active Users giving brands the ability to use video ad formats and run online surveys at a low cost.


4. Ability to track and measure the success of your campaigns

Every digital effort is trackable and measurable with the right expertise in place. Digital marketing gives you the ability to assess whether your campaigns have improved your website traffic, see what’s working, what’s converting or even change your approach.

A few metrics you should be looking at include the click-through rate (CTR) and looking at the conversion rate optimisation on your website and landing pages. Click here for more on these metrics.

By tracking and measuring your campaigns, you can easily report on the success rate of your campaigns and what channels to invest in going forward.


5. Get a higher ROI

Improve your bottom line by running effective digital campaigns at a lower cost, lower cost per lead and higher conversion rates. “In 2020, brands are reporting 4,200% in email marketing ROI, up to 49% in video retargeting ROI and 200% in Google Ads ROI.”


While there will always still be a place for traditional marketing, you should be looking at running your traditional advertising concurrently with your digital marketing approaches to create holistic campaigns, with your brand message and targeted audiences. Contact Adclick Africa for effective performance marketing campaigns.