14 business ideas for students who want to start a side hustle

14 business ideas for students

“When it comes to business ideas for learners (university students), the biggest tip I can give is to look at your circumstances and environment and try to identify where the biggest challenges are,” says Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi, association director at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Start off by asking yourself: what are the biggest pains you see in your daily routine?

“The chances are, if it’s a pain for you, then it’s a pain for others as well. This is something that is worth exploring and one of the things we teach our beneficiaries on the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Programme,” says Ghiassi-Razavi.

From working as a mentor and personal trainer to house sitting and working as an event organiser, here is a FULL LIST of business ideas for student.

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